Anonymous asked: Oohh.. What type of dance did you learn?

what havn’t i learned ?

nah but from like 7-14 i did mostly jazz/show, alittle street

then from 15-20 jazz ,female vibe, street (i’m not good at it ,but it’s really fun), contemporary/modern (guess this is my “strongest” style???) ,ballet ( mostly for the technique) 

plus workshops in i dont know how many styles, but theese where the once i hade classes in regularly




if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

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What exactly does EXO mean to you?

Does it mean we hate when Kris leaves, or we sign a petition when Baekhyun finds love? Do we show them our presence through cyberbullying and hate messages, or do we smile and say, ‘"Kris, all the best!", "Byuntae, we support you!"’

There are a lot of ways to show love. It doesn’t have to be possessive. It doesn’t have to be fierce. 

It can be sincere, understanding and heartfelt.

Because as fans, we are more than what we are.

W E   A R E   O N E.

Hey, Guess What?


This Guy


isn’t actually Tao

And this guy


isn’t actually Sehun.


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after doing the challenge, both taohun bow to show their respect and sincerity to this event

Anonymous asked: electrictea(.)tumblr(.)com/post/95306869411/xiuhan-untitled-red-light-district-au-part-1 Xiuhan, Stripper!Xiu


Xiuhan - Untitled Red Light District AU Part 1


Stripper!AU inspired by lovertronic's heart-stopping edit. The amount of fantasizing that happened because of her art is unreal.

Pairing: Xiuhan

Rating/Warnings: Read at your own discretion.


Sensuous pulsating music.

A deep auburn filter to the dim lights.

This is what assaults Luhan’s senses as he pushes past the curtains of the false kitchen. The bar out front has always served as the façade of a club more illicit in nature than any of its clients were willing to admit. If the local police found the bar curiously deserted even on Friday nights, they were more than likely filing it under innocuous as they made their own way into the VIP arena each week.

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Title: ain’t your holdback boy
Author: sinisterkids
Pairing: Xiumin/Chanyeol

the star of the college basketball team, park chanyeol isn’t all that used to rejection. especially not when it comes in the form of the cheer-leading squad’s newest member, kim minseok.


male idol wears white tshirt while doing the als ice bucket challenge: omg yess!!!!!!! we can see his abs!!!!!!!!!! bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

female idol wears white tshirt while doing the als ice bucket challenge: ugh she did it on purpose just so we could see her bra :-/// shes so sly ugh never thought she was this kind of person :-////////